Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

In today's interconnected world, the security of your business is as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain. That's why our Third-Party Risk Management service is essential. We help you scrutinize the security practices of your vendors and partners to ensure they meet your high standards. From operational protocols to data handling, we assess every facet of your third parties' security, giving you the confidence to conduct business safely.

Our Methodology

Our TPRM process is thorough and customized to your unique needs.

iconBusiness Logic and Data Flow Understanding

We kick off by diving into your business logic and the data flow between your organization and your third parties, using tools like MS Visio for clarity.

iconData Flow Diagram (DFD) Development

A detailed DFD is created to visualize data connectivity, which is crucial for understanding the security controls needed.

iconSecurity Checklist Creation

We compile comprehensive checklists to assess your vendors' security practices, covering operational, system, business continuity, data, and network security.

iconAssessment and Gap Identification

Through rigorous analysis, we identify any security gaps in your third parties' practices.

iconFinalization and Reporting

After a thorough challenge session with the third-party SPOC, we finalize the report detailing our findings and recommendations.

How Others Do It? vs. How DefensaNet Does It?


How Others Do It?

How DefensaNet Does It?

Focus and Approach

Broad, often generic assessments that may miss the unique nuances of each vendor relationship.

Tailored assessments that take into consideration the specific nuances of your business and each third-party relationship.


Use of standard checklists without in-depth customization.

Customized approach with detailed DFDs to ensure comprehensive coverage of all potential risks.

Data Security

Generalized data security assessments that might not account for specific regulatory requirements.

Detailed assessments including encryption and data security practices tailored to specific processing, transmission, and storage needs.

Business Continuity

Basic review of plans without deep analysis on applicability or effectiveness.

In-depth review of DR, BCP plans, and procedures, ensuring they are robust and applicable to actual business scenarios.

Network Security

Limited to surface-level evaluations.

Thorough assessments of network topology, security controls, penetration testing, and security monitoring capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Generic compliance checks that may not consider local or industry-specific regulations.

Focused evaluation of compliance, especially noting instances where data may be stored inappropriately, ensuring adherence to both local and industry-specific regulations

Partnership and Cloud Ecosystem

May overlook the intricacies of cloud ecosystems or the implications of data storage practices.

Detailed analysis of cloud ecosystems and storage practices, ensuring that third parties comply with regulatory and security standards.

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Why Choose Us for Your TPRM Needs

Opting for DefensaNet for your Third-Party Risk Management signifies choosing a partner who places your supply chain security on par with their own. Our methodology is detailed, our assessments are thorough, and our dedication to your organization's resilience is unwavering. By partnering with DefensaNet, you benefit from:

A focused ally

In identifying and mitigating third-party risks.

Specialized knowledge

In navigating complex compliance landscapes, ensuring your partners adhere to both global and local standards.

An efficient solution

To extend your security perimeter without the overhead of expanding your in-house team.

Access to insights and practices

That are at the forefront of third-party risk management and cybersecurity.

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