Investor Shield

Leveraging in-depth research that highlights a staggering 90% failure rate for startups in their first year, Investor Shield is designed to meticulously assess and uncover the IT and information security postures of potential investment opportunities. Our comprehensive evaluations culminate in a detailed report card and DefensaNet ratings, arming investors with the crucial insights needed for making informed decisions and securing their investments against unforeseen risks.

Our Methodology

Our approach to Investor Shield involves a detailed assessment across five critical areas.


Evaluation of the company founders' backgrounds and their business affiliations to assess integrity and experience.


Analysis of the company's internal policies and procedures, identifying gaps that could affect long-term sustainability.


Creation of detailed Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to visualize product data flows, third-party dependencies, and potential vulnerabilities.


Assessment of third-party dependencies and agreements to ensure they adhere to best practices in information security.


Conducting thorough Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) on the company's product to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities.

How Others Do It? vs. How DefensaNet Does It?


How Others Do It?

How DefensaNet Does It?

Assessment Scope

Often confined to financials and superficial due diligence.

Broadens the due diligence horizon to include IT and information security, offering a comprehensive risk overview.


Basic or minimal background checks.

In-depth analysis of founders and key personnel to ensure credibility and reliability.


General assessment of operational procedures.

Detailed scrutiny of policies and procedures to uncover gaps affecting sustainability and compliance.


Overview of product functionality without technical deep dive.

Extensive technical analysis including data flow and security vulnerability assessments for a full security profile.


Simple verification of partnerships without assessing security implications.

Thorough evaluation of partnerships and third-party risks, focusing on compliance with security best practices.


Limited to checking for basic security measures.

Comprehensive VAPT to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, securing the technology at its core.

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Why Choose Us as Your Investor Shield

By selecting DefensaNet's Investor Shield, you choose a partner that extends your visibility beyond the balance sheet into the critical, often overlooked realm of cybersecurity and IT integrity. Our service ensures:

A holistic view

Of potential investment risks, grounded in cybersecurity expertise.

Detailed, actionable insights

Into the operational, technological, and strategic foundations of startups.

A strategic advantage

In decision-making with our comprehensive report card and DefensaNet ratings.

Enhanced confidence

In your investment choices, fortified by our rigorous assessment process.

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