CyberSight 360

CyberSight 360 scans your digital footprint for vulnerabilities across websites, mobile apps, cloud environments, APIs, source codes, and network infrastructures, offering a panoramic view of your security posture. With real-time insights accessible from anywhere, CyberSight 360 ensures that your digital defenses remain robust and responsive, empowering you to mitigate vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Our Methodology

CyberSight 360 employs a multi-faceted scanning approach to ensure thorough vulnerability detection across all aspects of your digital ecosystem:


Scans your websites and web applications for vulnerabilities, ensuring they are secure and resilient against attacks.


Provides comprehensive scanning for both Android and iOS applications, safeguarding your mobile presence.


Offers continuous scanning of your cloud ecosystem, identifying vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure.


Targets API exposures, scanning for the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities to secure your application interfaces.

iconSCR (Source Code Review)

Conducts in-depth reviews of your application source code to identify potential security issues.


Scans network IPs and underlying infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities that could compromise your network security.

How Others Do It? vs. How DefensaNet Does It?


How Others Do It?

How DefensaNet Does It?


Rely on annual or periodic scans, often lagging behind the rapid development cycles.

Offers continuous and real-time vulnerability scanning, aligning with the pace of modern development practices.


May focus on a limited set of digital assets.

Provides comprehensive coverage, including web, mobile, cloud, API, source code, and network, for a holistic security posture.


Reports and dashboards are typically static and not user-friendly.

Features a dynamic, mobile-accessible dashboard, allowing for real-time insights and management from anywhere at any time.


Deliver reports that can be dense and difficult to act upon.

Presents clear, actionable insights in a comprehensive report, enabling effective vulnerability management and remediation strategies.


One-size-fits-all approach to vulnerability scanning.

Tailors scans to the unique aspects of your digital footprint, ensuring relevant and specific vulnerability detection and mitigation.

Get Real-Time Threat Monitoring With Cybersight 360

Why Choose Us for CyberSight 360?

Choosing DefensaNet's CyberSight 360 for your attack surface monitoring needs means embracing a proactive stance against cyber threats in the era of rapid development. With CyberSight 360, you benefit from:

Agile and continuous vulnerability assessment

Tailored to modern development methodologies.

Comprehensive scanning

Across web, mobile, cloud, API, source code, and network domains.

Real-time, dynamic insights

Through a mobile-accessible dashboard, empowering you to manage vulnerabilities anytime, anywhere.

Actionable intelligence

That enables swift remediation, keeping your digital ecosystem secure against evolving threats.

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